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"Fantastic", "Stunning", "Beautiful" and "Delicious" ... no not me, these were my dishes in the 2022 MasterChef competition where in the final I was runner up.

I LOVE to create imaginative food in my own unique way, so much so that when John Torode tasted my dish he said "When you put your technical ability with your imagination, and you come up with something like this, I am Gobsmacked". I think this is so clever but also tastes great".

I LOVE life and enjoy it to the full, my husband and I entertain frequently and travel to see the world and its culinary and cultural delights as much as we can. 

My work is focused on helping people produce quality outcomes from their cooking and life in general. I’m always happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained throughout my life and career to an interesting project, especially one that involves innovative thinking. Please take a look around my website, have a look at what I'm working on and let me know if you have any questions ideas or suggestions.

Showing the Masterchef judges how to suck the prawn head

ep2 - suckit 2a-min.png
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